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The Durango OG is what we here at LaPlata Labs consider an absolute masterpiece. DGOG started out as an Alien OG x Alien Bubba F1 hybrid that was created by a friend of ours at Eclectic Genetics, since then we have taken the absolute best male and female that we found over our long and exhausting pheno hunt and continued to work these selections until we have stabilized to the traits that we enjoy. Our DGOG is an F4 that is uniform in growth, has solid structures and buds that are packed with extreme amounts of resin, she also has an unforgettable-overpowering funky OG kush taste that most kush lovers will fall in love with. This strain is one of our "holy grail" strains and she will shine bright inside any skilled garden that she is placed in, we are highly confident and extremely proud to present DGOG to the public!



Flowering Time:

49-55 Days


New rubber, like a fresh pair of shoes or new tennis balls along with OG funkness!!


Alien OG x Alien Bubba



More Photos:

durango og 2 - la plata labs
durango og 3 - la plata labs
durango og 4 - la plata labs


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